About Us

PE Welding was established in 2013 as a platform to train and promote best practise installation techniques and quality assurance assessment for Polyethylene Piping Systems. We cover this through certified training courses, seminars and presentations at various industry forums. 

We have partnered with Bob Le Hunt Associates to provide the Polytec Training Courses which are approved by the Nationally Recognised Training Body of Australia and are in the process of gaining NZQA approval

The PE Welding team work closely with Local Authorities and Industry Associations such the Australasian Society of Trenchless Technology and PIPA to ensure new materials, products and installation and jointing techniques are evaluated and meet ANZS requirements.  


Chris Penman - Training Partner for Bob Le Hunt & Associates  Chris Penman has worked in the Plastic Piping Industry for 15 years. During this time Chris has worked in Technical Services roles as well as Fabrication. He has welding qualifications for the following 

  • Electrofusion - PE, PP-H, PP-R and PB
  • Butt welding - PE, PP-H, PP-R and PVDF
  • Socket Fusion - PE, PP-H, PP-R and PB
  • Solvent Cementing - PVC, CPVC and ABS
  • Infra-Red Welding - PE, PP-H, PP-N and PVDF
  • Bead and Crevice Free Welding - PVDF and PP-N 

In addition to plastic welding, Chris carries out Service, Repair and Calibration of Welding equipment and has undergone extensive training in Europe with some of the leading equipment manufactures